Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure accuracy, efficiency, and comfort. Our dental equipment is safe, effective, and well-maintained. Some of our dental technologies include those listed below:

3D Scanning with iTero

No more goop to take molds of your teeth!  Our powerful iTero scanner creates 3D models of your teeth with a small camera in just minutes.  The 3D models capture high definition data and the infrared technology also allows us to diagnose cavities between the teeth, even without x-rays!

The iTero also has a built-in Invisalign treatment simulation feature.  In just seconds, you can see what we could accomplish with Invisalign to straighten your teeth!

Medify Air Filtration

Every one of our operatories and the waiting room are equipped with a H13 Hepa filtration system by Medify which filters up to 99.9% of particles in the air including bacteria and viruses.  This ensures you’re breathing the cleanest possible air in our office and helps protect your family during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Power of the Cavitron

One of the advanced technologies we use at Glen Park Family Dentistry to remove calculus buildup from your gums is the Cavitron. The handheld device uses ultrasonic vibrations to quickly clean teeth and gums and reduce the time our hygienists spend scaling and polishing.

Digital X-Rays

Our advanced digital x-rays magnify and enhance your teeth for better diagnosis and treatment. This technology allows us to take images of your teeth and display them on a computer screen quickly and easily.

With digital x-rays, we can view your teeth and surrounding structures with remarkable accuracy.  These images provide the information we need to plan your dental treatment.

Digital x-rays require much less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays are safe and effective dental technology.

Seeing It All: The Intra-oral Camera

Our intra-oral camera is small and thin, about the size of a pen. It is used inside your mouth to capture close-up photographs of your teeth , gums, lips and tongue. Because of its compact size and elegant nature, it is convenient, simple to use, and capable of viewing a wide variety of angles. The camera is a secure and reliable tool which can be used for patients of all ages.

The camera is a valuable tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. A new disposable cover is employed each time we use the intra-oral unit. This always ensures your health and safety. Images taken by the intra-oral camera can be processed, printed out, or removed digitally after your test.

Panoramic X-Ray

A Panoramic x-ray machine rotates around your entire head to take a 360-degree view of your teeth, sinuses, and the bone structure of your head and jaws. This provides a more complete image than standard x-rays. Panoramic x-ray imagery is a valuable resource for Dr. Sanginiti to use in his diagnosis and treatment planning.

Rotary Endodontics Handpiece

A rotary endodontics handpiece is a tool designed to be used in root canal therapy. By using this handpiece, we can complete the treatment gently and efficiently. This allows you to have a quicker and more comfortable treatment experience.

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